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These are THE most expensive Indigenous line of Rums in the world, a real RARE and history-making collectors item as literally only 1 barrel - 191 bottles - were made of each (3 selections), with very FEW let still for sale at a few high end Liquor Connosseur retailers in the EU (where you can pay 425.00 Euros per bottle straight off the shelf for the Haubariria - and half that much for the Wiwakalamay & Obano-Oyo.

We have THE last bottles available in the entire Caribbean!


It is also HISTORIC in that it is the FIRST commercial liquor created in a 50-50 profit sharing agreement between an Indigenous people and a non-indigenous commercial alcohol producer. 

Eagle Clan Arawaks & Tamosi Rum based in the Netherlands, in the European Union. 


US$450 per bottle for Haubaria, and US$225.00 per bottle for the Wiwakalamay & US$175.00 for the Obano-Oyo.


Remember if you do not open the bottle it increases in value each year by 10% minimum as a collectors item.  In 2024 the Haubariria will be worth $500, the Wiwakalamay $250, and the Obano-Oyo $200 - per bottle. 


As usual DO NOT PAY until you email us at to confirm the item/s is/are in stock, THEN if they are - WE will let you know that it is safe for you to go ahead and pay for it/them, and we will give you an estimate of the ADDITIONAL shipping cost (depending on where you are in the world) & time to delivery by air parcel post.

Haubariria - Eagle Clan Arawak Rum

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