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I have a gift that I inherited from my line of Lokono-Arawak Traditional Shaman-Chief ancestors, it is the ability to see into the past lives of myself and others, it has helped me greatly to understand what I did wrong before - and what I must correct in THIS lifetime - to break the cycle of inter-generational & incarnational spiritual trauma and entanglements, it also explained many of my habits and quirks that I would instinctively do as a child, but never knew 'why', such as - for example, when I was a child and anything scary or terryfying happened to me - I would always grab my own neck, as an adult only by looking into my passed lives did I see that I was beheaded in a previous incarnation - and the trauma of that event lingered astrally with me for centuries - until I came to grips with it now and released myself from it (for truly knowledge IS power). I learned of all the times the people in my current life - were with me in different (sometimes same) roles - as they are now, and all the spiritual unnecessary drama and mistakes we made with each other in all those previous lifetimes, which helped me to put an end to the nonsense and mistakes of the past - by making meaningful changes in the present with them, and you will rarely find a family as united in love and understanding for each other as mine is - thanks to KNOWING our past errors - and making a sincere effort to CORRECT them this time around, or else 'this shit goes on forever'. 


I resisted the calls to offer this service to the public all my life thus far, but I have resached 50 years of age, and it is time I secure other less physicaly labor intensive income streams to support myself, my family, my Clan, and my Tribe. Hence I decided to make my services public - for a fee - to the entire world.    


Here is what my first client, Jack Collard, a young and well-known Indigenous man himself, in Australia had to say:


"Damon's timely insights into my past lives have provided the validation I needed to proceed with sure-footedness over the next steps of my journey. I was unsure about the different messaging I was receiving from those around me, those with different vested interests, so the ability to call on those on the other side watching on was exactly what I needed for that clarity. Not the first time I’ve received assistance from someone but Damon certainly has a unique connection to the unseen realms and relays their messages exceptionally. @JackCollard"


This is what my last (most recent) client Yovanka Maria Chiara of Canada haad to say about her past life reading:


"“Wow, that is incredible! Literal tears streaming down my face. I have always felt in my heart that this phobia comes from a time living in the Amazon but I always thought maybe it’s just a distant relative who got eaten by an anaconda or something in the past that was passed down through generational trauma. I think I understand what I need to do to eventually overcome this fear. I will definitely work towards forgiveness (especially towards myself) and building more confidence because having low self esteem and lack of confidence is exactly what has held me back in this lifetime from so many great opportunities and experiences.I have a strong feeling who this cousin that I share a special bond with is. He carries a lot of sadness in him and this would make a lot of sense if he’s been tortured by this past traumatic experience.People in this lifetime have always looked towards me as a guide to help them through their own physical and mental healing so the fact that I was a medicine woman for my tribe in a past life makes a LOT of sense. I am deeply moved by this profound spiritual experience that you have shared with me. Thank you @mariagaudreault "


You get your first introductory past life reading for $25.00 payable by paypal to , you can decide which life you want to know about (first ever, or the last one before this current life you have - or any inbetween etc), and you can decide what are the most important 10 questions you want to know about that life, then email me the questions (to the same email address - with your full current name and a photo of your face with your eyes not hidden, looking straight into the camera, like a passport type portrait photo basically). Your name and photo will be confidential and will not be publicly revealed anywhere.  WHEN you realize that your past life info IS useful for you to know NOW in your current life. you can always take it to the next level and contact me to look into your other past lives and obtain more information for you. 


As a personal note, it takes me on average 1 hour to look into EACH past life in depth, so at US$25 per lifetime - you are paying for my time, and it is a LOT less than paying someone to put you under a 'past life regression' session which won't take less than 1 hour either, but requires you to be physically present at a fixed location, I can tell you how many lives you have reincarnated into PREVIOUS to your current life (I cannot SEE or predict your future because it has not happened yet, and it is constantly subject to variables based on your potential thoughts & actions - at any given moment), and tell you about each one in detail if necessary - without you leaving the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world. It is unfortunate that man-made religions have eviscerated this ability from its devout adherents, because everyone i've helped has felt a great sense of relief and finally understood why certain things (including other people) 'are the way they are' in their current lifetime, there is nothing 'evil' about knowledge, what you choose to do with the knowledge you obtain from any source is where things can go in whatever direction you decide.






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