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Traditional Lokono-Arawak married women's necklace, the 'upside-down' triangle shape was ALWAYS a sacred femenine shape (as the 'right-sideup' triangle was always a sacred masculine shape), but could only be worn around the neck of a married woman or mother, not by a woman who never gave birth or was not married.  The Triangular shape WITH individual bead strands as seen above - is ONLY for women who have given birth, if you are married but not given birth yet - your necklace could have the 'upside-down' triangle shape, but NOT have the individual strands to the right or left of it, originally - one strad was added each time you gave birth to a new baby - whether the child lived or not, it was never to be forgotten, so a woman who gave birth to 10 children would tell you she 'has 10 children but only one wth me' (meaning '1 physically alive' - if the other 9 had physically died).   


In the traditional way, a Lokono-Arawak man always knew how to adress a female appropriately because just by looking at her jewelly/attire - he know whether she was married, single, a mother, grandmother, a child to young to marry, or a young lady eligible to marry etc. 


As usual DO NOT PAY until you email us at to confirm the item/s is/are in stock, THEN if they are - WE will let you know that it is safe for you to go ahead and pay for it/them, and we will give you an estimate of the ADDITIONAL shipping cost (depending on where you are in the world) & time to delivery by air parcel post. 

Traditional Lokono-Arawak womens triangular bead necklace

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