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On a serious 'equality of the sexes' real? Or a myth? Sure everyone should get the same access to academic and self-defence education, and the same equal hourly wages for doing the same job irrespective of gender.....but let us be totally honest now.....if 'men and women are equals' - no-one should be bothered if a woman punches a man - and the man punches her back...isn't she 'equal' to a man? Therefore why the double standard that says it is ok for a man to hit back another man who strikes him but not a woman who does the same thing?

If you HONESTLY believe in 'equality of the sexes' you have to support the view that - anyone tough enough to THROW a punch - should be tough enough to RECEIVE a cant be championing for 'total gender equality and yet still expect special gender treatment or you are just another hypocrite.....this is why my mother never got on the 'everything a man can do a woman can do better' bandwagon...because it does not exist in mother believes men & women are DIFFERENT physically, mentally (and science HAS actually proven male and females brains operate differently) & emotionally - and should RESPECT each other's differences, not try to out-do each other in some vain misguided social agenda.

If you tell your daughters everything a boy can do a girl can do better - you run the risk of her asking you one day why the world's fastest human runner, fastest swimmer, strongest human, etc - is ALWAYS a man?

I teach my children they have their own special gifts and talents and the two genders NEED each other.....that's the whole bloody reason we ALL had MOTHERS (who were ACTUAL gender female born women) and FATHERS (who were ACTUAL gender male born men) for ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY....the human species is NOT parthenogenetic...we will go extinct as a species without having both let us learn to appreciate each other's NATURAL BIOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES and stop all the current 'anything goes politically-correct pandering' to every alternative to millennia established social norms that can be invented/theorized/believed in -' let's not hurt anyone's feelings' nonsense - shall we?

Furthermore, while you may only write and post on Social Media and participate in feminist marches in the street, I actually voluntarily teach indigenous females of all ages how to defend themselves equally against men in combat, in multiple countries, at my own expense, so I am still doing more to literally empower women than you 'social media warriors' who's most radical acts are merely to participate in street marches shouting slogans and waving placards. When you step UP to my level, then you earn a right to criticize me.

I have two indigenous daughters myself that I love dearly, and I train them to know how to defend themselves with a variety of weapons just like my sons...but I don't fill their heads with unrealistic expectations or a fanatical determination to try to 'out-man men' unlike most of these non-indigenous urban man-hating western feminists... in our tribe, our rural indigenous women are considered spiritually SUPERIOR to men (only MEN do the DIRTY WORK in the tribe) so it would be a downgrade for a woman to be equal to a man (bet you never thought about it this way did you?...its because you have no real ancestral culture anymore - only post-Industrial revolution political agendas & philosophies).

I have traditional Tribal values, and there are no such things as 'metrosexual' warriors or 'prayer' warriors in my tribe or 'gender neutral' people....just warriors, males, and females - and the very rare hermaphrodite (with both male & female sexual organs).

Simple, uncomplicated, and free of unnecessary drama or ultra-liberal social inventions, just as it has been for thousands of years, and we like it that way.

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