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I am convinced that THIS photo (from a Caribbean magazine) is an example of a WRITTEN language by one (we do not know if Lokono, Kalinago, Taino or 'Ciboney' - or even another Caribbean tribe lost to antiquity) of Amerindian Tribes that inhabited the Caribbean (specifically 'Saint Vincent'/Hairoun) BEFORE Columbus - and all other old-world ethnic groups that came in his wake both voluntarily and involuntarily....

OR, it may even be the last 'remembered' writings of the African survivors descendants of the 1311 Mali fleet who reached Saint Vincent Island, as I discovered in Saint Vincent Garifuna (aka 'Black Carib') family names that are the same as Malian Royal family member first names from that 1311 voyage era, and I recently found evidence that atleast ONE Malian 10 person pirogue from that fleet reached Barbados and established friendly relations with the Lokono-Arawaks there (I reported it to 2 officials in the Barbados Government whom I trust), it will be in a documentary film I intend to make - if I attract enough donors.

Before the spiritual corruption brought by outsiders and their mistaken ways of seeing the world, we had no members who would desecrate a sacred place or object (and EVERYTHING made by the Creator was sacred to us) by engraving meaningless markings on them.

For our ancestors to mark such a site was to convey a message to other humans, we universally believed that smoke and feathers (and the wind) took our prayers to the Creator (might sound 'silly' to an Anglican or Catholic - until you ask your priest what the smoke from the 'incense dispenser' on the end of the chain he is holding up during mass is doing - then he'd tell you pretty much the same thing) so it would be futile to leave marks on a sacred site 'as a form of communicating with the spirit world' as one non-indigenous person has said to me in reference to this pic, and another non-indigenous person has even foolishly suggested "maybe Amerindian kids were just doodling on a rock?" please (fool), you have to understand that a child and even most adults in the tribe who were not designated/recognized intermediaries with the spirit word) did not even have the right to touch most sacred places - much less desecrate them with 'doodles'...that is something you expect from a person who grew up with no connection/knowledge of the natural world or indigenous know - the kinds of 'educated fools' produced by 'western civilization' who would write their name on an indigenous sacred site or carve it into a tree; spiritually aware indigenous peoples would NEVER do something like that; and before Columbus (and the man-made Religion he brought)- we were ALL spiritually aware.

Just for the record (as I have naysayers following my posts who only consider 'scientific' rationalizations) - I base my assertion on the fact that I notice a few universal indigenous symbols for certain keywords/names in the sentences - and you do notice that these 'markings' are forming sentences right?

The debate on how keywords are similar and were known pan-globally to the ancient peoples is part of another raging debate that I do not have the space to indulge in here. One day - you will remember that I have told you first - that this is proof of a written Pre-Columbian Amerindian language....maybe together with the help of Taino and Kalinago relatives (and DMT), we may be able to decipher it and share the message with the world - who is to say that it is impossible?

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