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Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Why and how? Because the Colonial power Denmark TODAY is a very civilized country, they have peacefully accepted the FACT that a democratic majority of the Indigenous Inuit majority population of 'Greenland' want to rule themselves and NOT be ruled by the government of Denmark in Europe anymore, so Denmark has accepted reality with PEACEFUL AND CIVILIZED MATURITY.

If Nunavut in Canada wants to one day declare their total Independence from Canada - one would expect Canada to be as mature and peaceful and civilized as Denmark is - and accept it as well, Nunavut (the size of Germany) is already an internally autonomous self-governing indigenous territory within Canada, just as the Navajo Nation is in the USA.

Right here in the west Caribbean Sea - we have a great example of Indigenous Autonomy in action - since 1925, the Great Kuna Tribal Nation has been self-governing the entire San Blas islands archipelago and the Political Nation-State of Panama has not disintegrated because of it, no - in fact, Panama is a stronger and more Internationally recognized Civilized country for accepting the fact that its indigenous peoples have rights to govern themselves.

So even the small 7 sq mile Kalinago Nation in Dominica has a right under International Law to declare itself an internally autonomous Territory within the Commonwealth of Dominica, create its own Law Court and Police Force as the Inuit and Navajo have, and govern its own affairs, as do every Indigenous Tribal Nation that has an officially demarcated territory, but these Neo-Colonial governments never tell this TRUTH to the indigenous peoples in their Political Nation-states, they prefer to keep the people ignorant of the true extent of their rights and only inform them about their inferior National Laws - never informing them of their superior rights under the more important and more powerful International Human Rights Laws...and I have had senior politicians in more than one CARICOM country threaten my life for trying to educate indigenous peoples of these facts.

In this sense, I was always years ahead of other regional Indigenous Rights activists when it comes to recognizing and acting upon our fullest extent of rights, while the others - who never talk about what I tell you here in any of their village workshops - were focused on status quo politics and national present-day affairs, I was looking to the future and greater progress along International legal lines, that is why - thanks to Taino Chief Roberto Mukaro Borrero - I did an UN-sponsored course on International Human Rights in Greenland where I saw for myself, how successful the Inuit indigenous government there was at running the entire country themselves, and I became friends with a former Indigenous President of Nunavut in Canada, and became friends with the Vice-President of the Navajo Nation, and have visited the Embassy of the Navajo Nation in Washington DC many times. Yes, you heard that right, the Indigenous Navajo Nation has its own OFFICIAL EMBASSY RECOGNIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE USA.

However I went a step further, and I designed a Flag and Coat of Arms for my own Lokono-Arawak Tribal Nation of northeast South America - as we have hundreds of sq miles of officially demarcated lands - that by rights under International Law - should be recognized as locally and internally autonomous self-governing indigenous territories with a right to pursue their own cultural and economic development.

Therefore, being cognizant of this, I went a step further over 2 decades ago - and I did something NO other indigenous person in the region has ever done - and I opened the first Indigenous Cultural Consulate of the Lokono-Arawak Tribal Nation in two countries, the USA (with Cyril Taylor as Honorary Consul), and in Belgium (with Giovanni Campbell as Honorary Consul) - tasked with outreach to Civil Society NGO's only in order to pursue cultural and economic development for my tribe, as I had EVERY Legal Right to do under International Law and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This too was aggressively opposed by certain CARICOM governments you think are 'friends' of Indigenous peoples (because they work very hard to pretend to be - especially at election time). In time, history - and future generations who come up after the geriatric old guard we have are long gone - will absolve me for pioneering the march to the HIGHEST degree of International Indigenous rights for our peoples in CARICOM, whilst my malcontent opponents remain content to be forever under the inferior yoke of National rights - as long as their grant money gravy train continues, I fund my own indigenous rights activities out of my own pocket, so I am beholden to no-one, neither am I hungry for money - so I cannot be bribed like so many who put their mouth wherever the soup is leaking.

Still, certain CARICOM governments were violently opposed to everything I was doing - even though it was 100% legal under both National and International Laws, as nowhere it is prohibited for indigenous Tribal Nations to cultivate and establish cultural and economic links with non-governmental entities outside of the countries in which they reside....and we fool ourselves that our leaders are 'progressive-minded...however, the way they react towards me is proof that they are not, they are still biased, backward-minded and politically vindictive - when it comes to ANY truly independent-minded Indigenous leader or representative that they cannot bribe, manipulate, intimidate, or ultimately control. Instead of trying to work with me and go with the progressive socio-cultural & legal status of indigenous evolution that I am helping to pave the way for, small-minded envious, and backward-thinking people inside AND outside of the indigenous community - can only find the time to attack me personally as if they feel that they can somehow stop me from doing things they don't have the balls to do.

Still, I remain undeterred, but I was surprised that Guyana's former Minister of Indigenous Affairs admitted to a group of Indigenous people (who reported it back to me as my brother-in-law was one of them) and I quote ''Corrie operates on a level that most people do not, or cannot'' I guess I can take that as a compliment.

If any government anywhere responds with violent suppression when the democratic majority of any Indigenous ethnic group peacefully votes even just for total Internal autonomy and self-government (which every indigenous Tribal Nation worldwide has a RIGHT to do under International Law) WITHIN THEIR NEO-COLONIAL STATE - then that government is still an UN-civilized country...examples of such uncivilized countries are Indonesia (which still violently suppresses the legitimate democratic majority wish to restore their Independence to all the other Ethnic groups and peoples and countries that Indonesia brutally and illegally invaded and annexed after World War II (West Papua, Maluku, etc).

India has done the same with the 5 Mongoloid kingdoms in the North East that it too brutally invade and annexed after World War II - and still violently suppresses whenever those illegally occupied peoples demand their legitimate freedom from illegal Indian occupation and annexation.

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Where the Indigenous Self-Governing Island of Greenland is on the world map, at the top of the Western Hemisphere

The Indigenous Flag of Greenland

The Indigenous Coat of Arms of Greenland

Where the Indigenous Selg-Governing Territory of Nunavuut is in Canada

The Indigenous Flag of Nunavuut

The Indigenous Coat of Arms of Nunavuut

Where the Indigenous Self-Governing Territory of the Navajo Tribal Nation is in the USA

The Indigenous Flag of the Navajo Nation

The Indigenous Seal (aka 'Coat of Arms equivalent) of the Navajo Tribal Nation

The location of the Indigenous Self-Governing Kuna Tribal Nation in Panama

Indigenous Flag of the Kuna Tribal Nation

Flag of the future Indigenous Self-Governing Territory in South America

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