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I'M JUST FOLLOWING TRADITION" (OR ORDERS) IS NO EXCUSE FOR IMMORAL CONDUCT...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? THIS is ALSO why we should never 'revere' Royals, they have as many degenerate 'Royal leaders' as there are common peasant leaders, and just because something is 'tradition' does not mean it is good to keep doing (the savages who practice female genital circumcision claim they are 'just following tradition' also)...if you were intelligent you would be able to recognize that some weak-minded/low intelligence/superstitious or degenerate person started every immoral 'tradition' handed down to you.

I don't support (nor would I do) the cutting off of ANY of my skin for any reason, if God wanted me to have less skin on my penis I would be born with less skin there, I don't give a rat dropping what priest or prophet claims 'God said I must do' if it logically makes no sense to me (God can create the entire Universe, but cannot tell I am 'one of his people' unless I cut some skin off my penis? Really? So God looks in my underwear to know if I'm one of his? What NONSENSE)...let God tell me itself directly - if it is so important (Jesus said only God knows a man's heart and mind and God cannot be deceived)...if not, I am NOT doing it.

Even if a voice purporting to be 'God' tells me to do something I consider to be immoral or stupid crap (like sacrificing my own child to prove I love God) - I would REFUSE for two reasons...#1 - If you are really God you would ALREADY know my heart & mind so I don't have to prove anything to you, and #2 - If you are really God ... you can strike me down, but you still cannot break my will, so go ahead and do whatever you want - because I refuse to obey any immoral command no-matter-what voices, signs or wonders you perform before my eyes to cajole me.

A lot of places in 'Holy Books' that simpletons thought was 'God' speaking to them, was clearly some OTHER entity pretending to be God, but only people with genuine intelligence seem to be able to recognize that...the rest 'just believe every crap story handed down to them' thinking if it is our 'Holy book' (which was written, re-written, edited, re-edited, translated and mistranslated, interpreted and re-interpreted - by MANY mortal men over many centuries - NOT literally by God itself) it 'must' be true.

Take King Fatefehi Paulah of Tonga as a perfect example of a degenerate Royal, he was the 37th King of Tonga, and he proclaimed it was his 'divine right' to be the first man to have sex with EVERY girl in Tonga who had her first menstruation, and he deflowered 7-10 pubescent girls EVERY DAY for his entire reign (according to what he boasted to Captain Cook when the King was in his 80's and met Cook), so it is calculated that he took the virginity of almost 40,000 Tongan girls. Did no one in his Kingdom think this was immoral and could NEVER truly be a 'divine' right? Or were they just the typical masses of asses who accepted anything their leaders told them? As we STILL see most humans doing to this day!

SOME OTHER DEGENERATE ROYALS IN HISTORY WERE: Ramses II 'the Great' (1279 - 13 BC)The ancient Egyptians believed that their pharaohs were gods and were keen to keep the blood-line of their deities as pure as possible by encouraging sex with near relatives. Ramses II, the third king of the nineteenth dynasty of Egypt, had the second-longest reign in Egyptian history. He took two "principal" wives and then complicated matters by marrying his youngest sister Henutmire and the eldest three of his four daughters, Bin-tameth, Meritamen, and Nebettawi. In between fighting the Hittites and the Libyans and building statues of himself all over Egypt, Ramses also found time to pleasure two hundred concubines and fathered ninety-six sons and sixty daughters.

King Edward VII (1841-1910)Queen Elizabeth II's great-grandfather, "Edward 'the Caresser," was said to have slept with about three different women per week for nearly half a century, which works out as a very conservative 7,800. Although usually considered a stickler for "proper form," when it came to women he wasn't fussy about rank or social status - he was equally happy in the arms of princesses or prostitutes. At his coronation in 1902, a special area set aside at Westminster Abbey for his various mistresses was nicknamed 'the king's loose box'.

King Louis XV (1710-1774)The Bourbon kings of France were all known for their tireless sex lives, but that of Louis XV was the most astonishing of all. His personal brothel was the biggest ever to serve the needs of one man and was stocked with a constant supply of healthy girls. It was rumored the king acquired his stamina by bathing daily in children's blood. He also liked them very young - as young as 14. He was paranoid about catching syphilis and thought that this reduced his chances of something infectious lurking inside the royal codpiece.

King John V (1689-1750)Portugal's inappropriately self-styled 'Most Faithful King' cleverly combined his twin passions, Catholicism and sex, by sleeping with nuns (who are supposed to be celibate as they are 'married to God'). The king enjoyed open sexual relations with members of the Odivelas Convent, which resulted in the birth of several illegitimate sons, known as "the children of Palhava," after the palace in Lisbon where they grew up.

Augustus II 'the Strong' (1670-1733)The Saxon-born king of Poland, whom it is said "left no stern unturned" over a period of half a century, fathered three hundred and sixty-five *******s, give or take a dozen; it is only fair to record that there was also one legitimate heir. He presided over an enormous warren of mistresses and found it so difficult to keep track of his *******s that he "accidentally" slept with at least one of his own daughters. Although his libido was one of the great marvels of the age, it didn't go down well with his wife, Eberdine, who was so embarrassed by her spouse's outrageous philandering that she refused to set foot in Poland throughout his reign.

In my own indigenous tribe as did just about every other indigenous tribe in history, long ago once a girl had her first menstruation she was eligible to marry - and was married off to someone she may or may not have had any feelings for, because the adults ASSUMED that if God made it now biologically possible for her to get pregnant - she 'must' be a woman now - no longer a girl. However, we abandoned that tradition once we realized from medical science - that even though a girl can get pregnant, her hips are usually NOT wide enough to allow a babies head to pass through her vaginal canal at the tender ages of 11, 12, 13, 14, etc - so many of our girls died in childbirth in olden times. NOW we know better so to that 'ancient tradition' was rejected and abandoned long ago, and we are proud to say so, now our girls can educate themselves for as long as they wish, and only marry the person THEY want to marry, not who mum and dad think will make you a good husband, that's another old tradition we rejected and abandoned with pride.

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