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I TRIED to go to sleep, tossed & turned, had one dream then woke up, tossed & turned again...had another dream....tossed & turned again and THEN finally fell into a deep sleep that carried me through the rest of the night until this morning.

In this final dream, I was taken to Lakota territory on the Great Plains, which looked like places I visited before with brother Chase Iron-Eyes, Pine Ridge, Standing Rock, etc. Once I reached there (with some invisible - but audible - loving force that was escorting me), Chase (his spirit - like mine) was brought into the experience so that we were now sharing it together.

The invisible force of love said "I am going to show you the reason why the people are suffering" and we saw a non-native man distributing Alcohol & cigarettes to the people and telling them "you can forget your troubles - happiness is in every bottle & beer can & puff of smoke!" - and many were following his false teachings.

The invisible force of love said: "They damage the body first in order to destroy the soul after".

Then we were shown another two non-native persons, one a man & one a woman, and they were trying to get the people to join two different political parties (that each of them 'represented') - by making the people believe that if they supported one party or the other - their lives would improve...but they too were deceiving the people and at the end of their public show - the couple left together holding each other's hands and laughing at how easily the people could be divided.

The invisible force of love said: "They destroy the mind by sowing false hopes and turning the attention of the people against each other in the name of politics when all they offer is convincing illusions of progress".

Then we were shown a short-haired native man, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt with a book in his hand, he was a preacher - and he was telling the people "Your ancestors were not saved, you must forget ALL they taught you and only do what THIS book tells you - and THEN you will be saved!".

The invisible force of love said, " These people have convinced many that they serve me and can lead you to the light - but they are in fact only leading you AWAY from the light that your ancestors knew and were much closer to - than such as these are today - by turning families and friends against each other in a spiritual 'divide and rule' agenda, before they came the people lived as one and tread on the Earth with respect and generosity; now they stomp on it with arrogance and selfishness".

Then Chase and I were shown ALL the misery and social destruction these 3 types of deceivers have caused to BOTH of our peoples through the years, and we both wept in silence to see how many lives of our peoples have been damaged or destroyed by them.

The last thing the invisible force of love said to Chase and I was this:

"Both of you need to make more time for each other, your fates are entwined, and both of you have the solutions within you & know what must be done to begin to heal the people, you are not alone, for there are others - and like you - they too are where they are supposed to be at this point in time".

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Photo below from 2 years AFTER the dream - when we protested together at the largest indigenous rights and climate change march ever held in Washington DC, April 2017 circling the Whitehouse. 200,000 people were in that protest. I was surprised that even Hollywood A-list star Leonardo Di-Caprio came to join the indigenous section we were all in, and he stood next to my daughter and our brother Chief Roberto Mukaro Borerro's daughters for part of the protest, so they got to meet a celebrity lol.

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