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Just some advice to the young men in semi-westernized indigenous communities (such as most are in this Hemisphere today) who will read my yourself either had - or still have a mother, your mother was once a young woman whom your father found attractive.

Would you be happy to hear that many young men fooled your mother with sweet talk lies just so they could have sex with her when she was a teenager? And then bragged to their friends about the various positions and sex acts they got your mother to perform for them?

If this does not sound nice to your ears - THEN WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO TEEN-AGED GIRLS TODAY WHO WILL BE THE MOTHERS OF OUR PEOPLE TOMORROW? Do you have sisters? If you do - would you like other males to use and abuse their emotions and bodies as well?

Do you ever think that one day YOU will be a father yourself and you will probably have a daughter of your own...I GUARANTEE you that you will NEVER want anyone to treat YOUR own daughter like that!

Do you really want to be tough? Do you really want to be respected by respectable people - not your idiot friends who think using women for sexual pleasure is 'cool'- and live a life with your head held up high? Be a great warrior like all the heroes of our people?

THEN BE A REAL MAN and treat our women with RESPECT and LOVE! There is no greater coward than a boy who takes advantage of a girl, breaks her heart, or bruises her skin (because real men do not do these things)....a real warrior would NEVER do that...a REAL warrior knows that he belongs to the people and that as a warrior - his duty is to PROTECT the women, the children, and the elders; the sick - and the weak who cannot defend themselves.

I used to share some of your foolish ideas when I was young myself, but when I was 19 I grew up, I became a husband, at 20 I became a father with my firstborn son, at 21 I held my firstborn daughter...dead in my arms at 3 days old, then I buried her with my own hands in the white sand of Pakuri territory in Guyana, North East Amazonia, South America....and I remembered the heartache I caused womankind in my youth...I vowed never to be that poor excuse for a male ever again, so listen to my advice now as I turn 49, for soon I shall become an elder myself.

It is never too late to change your bad ways....never too late to walk on the right path. Do not concern yourself with whether you are known by others...but think instead - are you WORTHY of being known by others...and NEVER forget your responsibility as a man & warrior of the tribe; ALWAYS put the people before yourself.

Seek yourself a good wife and remember that she is your PARTNER, not your PROPERTY, make children together so that the tribe will always walk this earth, raise them to walk with you on the right path and your name will live on in the hearts and minds of the people forever.

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