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We must remember that the LAST Glacial Maximum was 18,000 years ago (not even factoring in possible 'relatively sudden' tectonic upheaval or subduction that 'may' have also OUR lifetime we have seen an island appear out of the North Sea in just one day due to Volcanism - I am surely not the only one who remembers that news story shown live around the world some years ago), the Caribbean sea would have been shallowest at that time and steadily gotten deeper (as Ice retreated & melted) ever since....some periods at 6mm per year (that is 2 - feet per century or 20 feet per millennium...but some models estimate 40mm per year - 132 feet per millennium - at certain periods).

7,000 years ago the first PROVEN evidence of human activity on Caribbean islands has been revealed thus far....we all KNOW that indigenous peoples were in this Hemisphere 25,000 years ago (and possibly longer), can you see, like me (as was the case in the Bering Strait) that it was LITERALLY possible at one time to WALK most of the way that is Caribbean Sea/ Ocean today (except for a short raft or canoe paddle) from the Yucatan to Cuba then to the Bahamas and on to Florida (or from Florida southwards)....and the same from Nicaragua all the way to 'Hispaniola' (Haiti/Dominican Republic)....and even from South America to 'Hispaniola' and beyond to Cuba and Florida as well. Whether our ancestors walked all the way (as the Siboney that we are told arrived in the islands 6,000 years ago and lasted in Western Cuba until the 1500s and who did not make canoes nor houses - but dwelt in caves - so how the hell did they get there if not by foot? by hitch-hiking in UFO's? lol).

At the VERY least - our remotest ancestors had far more land to inhabit when they reached - and far less water to cross to get there when they first ventured into the Caribbean islands, but I have never heard any Anthropologist or historians raising these facts in their lectures about 'how the islands were peopled', which gives modern-day people the false (and a tad 'distance-exaggerated') impression of how the islands were peopled after the end of the last Ice Age.

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