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This statement in the Book of Enoch (which is still in the Jewish holy book - but was removed from the Bible by the Romans after the Council of Nicea) got me to begin researching this subject over a year ago: "The SOUL, and the SPIRIT of man, must not be controlled by the BODY of man".

If you are addicted to any physically experienced thing - alcohol, gluttony, smoking, sex addiction, narcotics, etc. you are allowing your BODY to control your SOUL and your SPIRIT.

You must learn to suppress all addictions to physical pleasures or you will never reach what sages call 'the state of enlightenment...though you can be very aware of spiritual rights and wrongs..but acting on that knowledge is far more important than merely being cognizant of it.

Our physical body is like a house for the soul (that part of the Creator) to reside in just as Yeshua ('Jesus') said - as the happily content shameless landlord, NOT as the shameful inmate cowering in a basement cell within it looking for his first opportunity to escape!

However, it is not only this one religion (Christianity) that I have studied, there are many others far older that say - just as the Hebrew written Book of Enoch does - that each human being has a SOUL and a SPIRIT (two immaterial supernatural components - not merely one), these ancient spiritual wisdom teachers all say (when you do the research and compare notes) …that EVERY living thing has a physical AND spiritual visually identical copy to it.

So far, you might be scratching your head at this point, but see it this way - your 'spirit' is like a conscious hologram of your body, it looks identical, but it is not tangible as your physical body is....but just like your physical body it is made up of matter, not the same gamut or configuration of atoms of matter that your physical body is made of, but atoms of a different sort..somewhat of an enigma like electricity, we know electricity exists and is made of atoms - but we can't touch or hold on to electricity now can we?

Our spirit is much like that - but not exactly the same. The SOUL - is what separates US humans from ALL other living things, because animals & plants also have a spirit holographic copy of their physical selves.

My dad once doubted the knowledge native peoples all over the world have about 'the spirits of plants and animals', until one day he came home in the evening and saw our dog's puppies playing in the driveway, dad reminded me that I 'was supposed to make sure the puppies could not get out because they might get run over in the driveway by accident - because they are all out playing in the driveway again right now' (he said)...…I was a bit surprised but realized what he was seeing, and I calmly replied to my father "Dad, the puppies all died of the Parvovirus during last night, Craig (my older brother) and I just buried the last pup this morning after breakfast."...

THEN my dad became a believer - as he had seen proof with his own eyes when he saw all the dead puppies spirits happily playing (free of the sickness that weakened & killed them in life) in the driveway for the last time.

Now let me explain a FALSE belief horror movies have put into people's heads, this idea that 'someone' or 'something' can 'steal your soul'...such as a demon or sorcerer/necromancer/Obeah man, Voodoo priest etc, etc.

This is in fact IMPOSSIBLE...I am NOT saying evil is not real (it IS), but the soul of every human being belongs to God/the Creator ALONE, and no-one or nothing else can own it.

When our bodies die - our soul exits our body into a very dark place - where only light can be seen in the still have free will at this point, so if you are an Atheist and have convinced yourself all your life (or at least before you died) - that 'there IS no Heaven/eternal paradise - so, therefore, you see no point in heading to the light, you can stay in the darkness and interact with other similarly 'lost' souls like yourself for all eternity (or at least until you finally decide to move on to the light and face the reality of your maker)….but this place of darkness you MUST transit upon leaving the physical life - and before you enter the love and what many ancient texts call 'the valley of the shadow of death'.

The only 'torments' you will see in the dark there are your own ill deeds you committed in life as they come back to haunt you as you review all the wrongs you have done to others in your life.....and no matter how 'tough' you think you are (or pretend to be) WILL be overcome by intense waves of grief and remorse because not only will you SEE what you have done, you will FEEL the hurt, anguish, disappointment in you and turmoil ALL those people you hurt were feeling when you hurt them....this is unavoidable, for you cannot become worthy to re-enter the light (from which your soul came from in the first place before it entered the physical reality to experience the 'school for the soul' that can only be learned here (gender, physical pain, hunger, thirst, tiredness, physical intimacy, parenthood, marriage, etc, etc...things that do not exist in the place of perfection, love & light).

Only when you have accepted your wrongs and felt genuine remorse for your actions in the life you just ended - will you be worthy to leave that transitory place of darkness....this can occur in what we would consider being 'seconds' in our perception of time (for spiritually enlightened people), or it can be all depends on your free will to admit to your mistakes (or stubbornly refuse to do so and hold on to hatred and ego - in which case you can wait in the dark for as long as you want to be arrogant & are not 'wasting' God's time, only your own).

Getting back to the spirit now, it has no-where to go except to be 'recycled' by the light (those who can help these dis-incarnate spirits of the dead to go to the light for this very purpose) …OR linger in our physical dimension, why not - it was here already for as long as it's body (your body) was alive so it is not occupying a 'new space or place in time'. It is ALSO conscious (and does not want to let go of the things it enjoyed when in the physical body), remember after all it is the intangible carbon copy of your physical body - and that included a brain, a personality, likes & dislikes and everything they 'knew' as that person etc.

Your spirit is basically a conscious hologram of you, this is why the spirit of the old lady down the road (for example) can still be seen (by some gifted to do so) looking out her window YEARS after her body died and was buried, the only thing that happened to her spirit is that it was permanently disconnected from it's physical body, but it can't be 'buried' it remains to linger in the places it knew and doing the familiar things it always did when inside of it's living body.

This is why you hear about places being 'haunted by the spirits of the dead', yes, that is exactly what is happening....but there is nothing 'evil' about a spirit lingering in the home it always knew, but remember - the spirit has the same habits & attitudes of the body it once inhabited if the body belonged to a smoker - you will smell cigarette or tobacco smoke when the spirit of that person is around (don't ask me how - but it has to do with their thoughts about this addiction they don't want to let go of manifesting into our observable perception of reality) because that was a habit the soul used to habitually participate in.

Also, it is why you 'see' (if you have the gift to) these spirits dressed in the same favorite clothes you used to see the living person wearing (don't ask me how - but it has to do with their thoughts manifesting in this observable way also), whatever the spirit was 'attached' to in life inside it's body - it remains attached to long after the body is gone.

Not only attachments to whatever it loved most in life (people, places, things, habits), but also a traumatic exit from their body can leave a spirit attached to the place it was forced to disconnect from it's body (even appear to those who can see spirits - in the same gruesome state that their body was in when it died violently) , so the little boy that drowned in a hotel pool - will have his spirit still be seen in or around that pool by guests for years to come...unless someone guides his spirit to the light. Remember - his soul already went back to the Creator when his body died, so don't ask 'why didn't his guardian angels take his spirit to the light then?', his 'guardian Angels are for his SOUL, not his spirit, the spirit is just as immortally inconsequential as is our bodies; they exist only as vehicles to be used by the soul and discarded when no longer needed.

However, as we ALL know, some of us were very evil-minded wicked human beings in life, and though the soul of the wicked MAY atone for it's ill deeds and be forgiven by the Creator and accepted into the must remember the spirit they left behind - which was just as negative as it was when still in the body - is still going to be negative like that, this is what you call an 'unclean spirit' (a spirit that needs to be cleansed), now generally we may view all negative (lower vibrational) entities as 'unclean or 'evil' spirits (for higher vibration entities are the holy ones that only do positive/good)…but technically an 'evil spirit' is worse (harder to deal with), and the even lower (stronger) calibre on this negative scale would be what Jews, Hindus, Christians & Muslims (and many native peoples) call 'demonic entities' have to be a very powerful light worker to deal with these, no simpleton merely reciting a prayer and calling on a holy name you read in a book can magically overcome negative entities of this magnitude, even though the average religious cult member imagines (and is told) that he can...don't try to play in the big leagues unless you are truly pure of heart or they will wear you like a glove using your own impurities against you.

Lastly, people are often confused about 'reincarnation' because one religion teaches that you can be reincarnated as a rat or cockroach, not so, a human being can ONLY be reincarnated as a human being, maybe you will understand it literally as 'being born again'...merely reciting a few words and getting ducked underwater is NOT 'being born again'....that is a really simple-minded wishful-thinking short-cut to get back to the light preached by con men in many religious cults, forgive them for they have little or no clue about true spiritual matters (they do learn how to memorize a certain book and quote it cover to cover though - because this impresses the weak-minded lost souls like themselves).

No, neither you nor I will EVER live in a physical body again as the same person we are in THIS current life, Damon Gerard Corrie SHALL indeed only live once (as will whoever you are right now), but the soul inside me has lived many previous lives and will live in many future lives, each time perfecting my understanding and mastery of my own self and my own conscious development and spiritual progression - one life at a time.

Did you honestly think that ONE lifetime was enough for a soul to complete its Earthly education? So a baby that died at 3 days - what great lessons did it - or could it possibly complete or learn?

No my friends, we do NOT get the 'easy pass' as a Soul, once is never enough - because we also know several elderly people who might live 100 years and still die a small-minded racist jackass; they died in ignorance having not learned anything truly important so even a life of a centenarian was STILL not enough!....this is why all the ancient texts also talk about 'old souls' and 'young souls'.....the older ones understand deep spiritual matters, to a young soul - such talk only sounds like 'nonsense' to their time they will progress from the state of Ego driven ignorance that is the hallmark of a young (foolish) soul, to a state of ego-less self-less acceptance of concepts they once could not fathom.

Ego is the HARDEST thing to overcome - I still struggle with mine though I know what I do; and that it is my worst enemy.

For even though we originally come from that place of absolute perfection in the love & light, a 'veil of forgetting' surrounds us in the womb, so we must be purified by trial and error...the finest swords are produced via the hammering of freshly molten steel - not by a carvers tool quietly shaping a piece of wood to the desired image.

If you are a sexist or a racist in this life - Creator has a perfect solution to teach you the folly of your ways because not only do we all have to live multiple times, but before we have 'lived in many houses' - I assure you, we will ALL have to live as a man, as a woman, as a member of EVERY race and ethnic group, every socio-economic group, and inhabit EVERY geographical location on the Earth...only he who feels it knows it...Creator will ensure that you know what it is like to be a man, and what it is like to be a woman, to be rich, to be poor, to be skinny, to be fat, to be beautiful to look at, to be ugly to look as, to be in perfect health all your life, to be sickly and frail all your life, to have many friends, to be a loner, to be 'normal, to be 'special needs', to live in a desert, to live on the ice, to live in a jungle, to live in a city, to live in the mountains, to live on the Ocean, to live in peacetime, to live in wartime, to live through famine, to live through times of plenty, to experience every natural disaster that exists here, and many other things too numerous to mention …for this is the ONLY way you and I and ALL of us - will ever experience ALL there is - and TRULY 'know' what it is like to walk in our brother's shoes.

Merely befriending others and observing their lives during the course of our present one will NOT make us TRULY understand what their life is really like...Creator knows best, and at the end of this millennia long process - you WILL remember that we are indeed 'all connected'. . just as our wisest holy men & women have been trying to tell us for eons.

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