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A LESSON ON HOW TO FIGHT IN AN HONORABLE WAY FROM THE ANCIENT KALINAGOS (so-called 'CARIBS') OF DOMINICA In talking to a 76-year-old Kalinago elder today I found out something that open-minded people might like to hear....he was lamenting the fact that the youth today have departed from our traditional honor-bound ways and adopted the ways of modern non-native 'ignorant savages' (and you closed-minded people think of his tribe as 'cannibals' - though no Kalinago was EVER witnessed eating another human being - not even by Columbus who started this nasty rumor himself).

He recently tried to break up a fight - by merely shouting at close range at the fighting young men to STOP THE FOOLISHNESS - and ended up being stabbed (almost to the heart) by a young male himself.....this is NOT our way - to show such complete and utter lack of respect for our ELDERS just for speaking mere WORDS to us? If you had ANY honor - you would have dropped your weapon and fled from the elder's presence in disgrace and shame for behaving like an Ass!

This elder said today our young men fight each other with weapons...but before we never did this, weapons were for WAR only, not a fight with one of your own people!

He remembers watching two men fist-fight each other in 1950 FOR TWO HOURS STRAIGHT! When one man punched the other man down, he waited for the man who fell to get back on his feet and come back to punch-or be punched-again, no one kicked you when you were down or dropped anything on you - or lashed you with anything when you were down (or even standing - except their fists)....because that was DISHONORABLE and COWARDLY behavior to do such things! Furthermore, after the fight was over - the two Kalinago men shook hands and proceeded to the nearest home to give each other a drink of cassava beer, each man complementing the other on how much stamina he had to fight for so long.

You never had the intention of killing ONE OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE - BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE KILLING YOUR OWN RELATIVE - WHICH IS ONE OF THE GREATEST SINS YOU COULD kill one of your own people is to kill a part of your own soul, for the DNA in them is the DNA in you! Do you not realize that YOU are now doing the work of Columbus and YOU are helping to destroy your own people by your own ignorant and savage behavior - raping, beating your children, beating your wife, robbing, wounding, and murdering YOUR OWN PEOPLE!

So to ALL our young men, who for the most STUPID of reasons - fly into these IGNORANT RAGES and inflict deadly wounds on people in their own tribal nation...I tell you solemnly - you are NOT real men or real are real 'Sorriers' - because you are a SORRY Excuse for a native male today...your ancestors had HONOR and PRIDE - AND THAT IS WHY YOU ARE STILL ALIVE TODAY - OR YOUR PEOPLE WOULD HAVE GONE EXTINCT FROM FIGHTING OUR REAL ENEMIES AND OUR OWN SELVES AS WELL IF THEY HAD BEHAVED AS YOU DO...for a house divided on itself cannot stand...what do you have today? ONLY SAVAGERY!...and don't talk about how 'proud' you are to be a native REAL man (native or not) with any sense of pride and honor would behave as you do.

ONLY LOVE AND UNITY CAN MAKE A PEOPLE MIGHTY AND UNSTOPPABLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! Choose wisely young fools.NB - You see this photo below? It is of two 'Arawaks' from Pakuri Territory in Guyana and two 'Caribs' from Dominica, the history books teach everyone to believe we are ancient enemies....but do you know what we call that? 'More Columbus lies'....and we don't give a shit about Columbus or the cancer of negativity he unleashed in our Hemisphere - so we fight it back with POSITIVE VIBRATIONS straight from our hearts, minds, and souls. This is how young men and old men should behave, enjoying a traditional beverage in the spirit of peace, unity, and love for each other. These 'Carib' boys call this 'Arawak' elder (my beloved traditionalist father-in-law Joseph Simon) their 'Arawak grandfather' - and he calls them his 'Carib grandsons'...never does one disrespect the other, this is how my eldest son Hatuey Corrie at far right was RESPECT his elders and be ever ready to HELP them...never HARM them!

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