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We are proud to finally offer our own Robusta sized line of Indigenous made Cigars, hand rolled by our half Lokono-Arawak/half Taino-Arawak blood cousins in Baracoa Cuba. These Cigars are then individually ceremoniously blassed, and sealed into individual containers to retain freshness for shipping.  

Priced at US$10 each plus shipping with a minimum export order of 4 = US$40.00 PLUS $10.00 shipping, so your order total will be $50.00. We are now one of the FEW Indigenous grown, made and commercially available worldwide - Cigar sellers in the world. 


REMEMBER if you are buying by PayPal to us at - you must also send a text message email to us at to inform us of your order & payment, otherwise we will not know what you are paying for, AND DO NOT PAY UNTIL WE CONFIRM YOUR REQUESTED ITEM/S IS IN STOCK.

CUBAN Princess Marian Brand Eagle Clan Arawak Blessed Robusto Size Prayer Cigars

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