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FROM GUYANA, NORTHEAST AMAZONIA – SEED PACKETS NOW AVAILABLE @ US$5 EACH – INCLUDING WORLDWIDE AIRMAIL POSTAGE TO YOUR ADDRESS. You will NOT find anyone else offering so many seeds (400) for so cheap a price, as we have n extra shipping fees either. For ordering info – email us at NB – There is a 4-packet minimum order, so get a friend to order with you or buy extra packs to offer to others. If you value all things traditional and authentic – over the non-traditional and inauthentic, you can now support the Eagle Clan (Lokono) Arawaks in funding our Heritage preservation efforts – as we are the most pro-traditionalist of all the surviving Lokono Clans, by purchasing packets of our own ancient non-GMO wild prayer Tobacco, each packet has a guaranteed minimum of 900 seeds, and you only need one to grow to become self-sufficient in your own authentic natural prayer Tobacco. For us, genetically modified Tobacco is no longer sacred, and it would be an insult to offer GMO Tobacco to the Creator – whom you claim to love and respect, so we only use our original sacred plants. Some think it is OK to offer even Cigarettes to the Creator, but this is an even bigger insult, with all the man-made toxic crap added into Cigarettes – it is like offering fruit dipped in pesticides to your Creator. Do your offerings correctly or not at all. When the plant matures, we wait until each leaf turns brown on the plant – then we take it and burn it as an offering in our prayer ceremonies, as the plant is saying it no longer needs the leaf – so you may use it, this does no harm to the sacred plant. However, you disrespect and hurt the sacred plant when you pick the leaves green, that is what spiritually dead people who see Tobacco as ‘just another cash crop’ do. You may only pick the green leaves of meditation Tobacco, not Prayer Tobacco (two different varieties – both from the Amazon), but this requires a pre-harvesting ‘forgive me for cutting your leaves’ ritual between you and the Meditation tobacco plant (it has higher DMT). When we toured North America several years ago – we were shocked at how rare non-GMO authentic traditional Tobacco was, most natives are still buying non-indigenous factory-made GMO chipped Tobacco, Cigars, and cigarettes – and actually using them as offerings in their ceremonies! If your ancestors were alive they would stop you from doing this, Tobacco is sacred, it is not like a birthday gift where ‘its the thought that counts’ applies…NO! Prayer and prayer offerings require the utmost respect and love from us to the Creator, just because you may be content to use a corrupted item – does not mean you can offer it to the Creator just as casually. Instead of saying ‘well the polluted GMO Tobacco is all we can get here, why not solve the problem and be someone to reverse the trend and bring BACK our natural unpolluted Tobacco to your country? Such a seemingly ‘simple’ act alone – brings great spiritual power and importance with it. We must all become the force for the positive changes WE want to see in this world. Email orders to


REMEMBER if you are buying by PayPal to our ally at - you must also send a text message email to us at to inform us of your order & payment, otherwise we will not know what you are paying for.  


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