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We were also the first Indigenous people worldwide to commercially produce organic Aloe Paste Topical Antiseptic, and so far we are still the only one to have done so as well.


Available in plastic 8 oz jars as pictured here, for worldwide export @ $10.00 ea + shipping, it heals all skin abrasions, and minor cuts that do not require stitches at twice the normal healing rate, and also kills skin fungus and heals minor burns faster than the normal healing process. Campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts, in general, use it as emergency first aid for sanitizing minor wounds as well, as it lasts 2 years without the need of refrigeration. Email us at for orders. Put ‘Aloe Paste’ in your email subject line. The photos you see below show day 1 skin abrasions before the paste is added, then after the paste is added, then day 3 perfectly healed photos of the same skin abrasions. Our paste forms a thin scab that quickly heals the wound under it so that in less than 72 hours it is fully healed.


REMEMBER if you are buying by PayPal to our ally at - you must also send a text message email to us at to inform us of your order & payment, otherwise we will not know what you are paying for.  

Organic Aloe Paste Topical Antiseptic

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