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When offering a prayer for the higher spiritual good of yourself and/or others – just offer one pinch of our especially blessed Organic Eagle Clan Arawak prayer Tobacco, do NOT attempt to use this Sacred Tobacco to try to cause spiritual harm to others – or you will only bring harm upon YOURSELF. Tobacco is a Holy plant – you cannot use it for evil purposes. Our holy Tobacco plants are ALL organically grown from a line of plants that have been grown organically and used by our clan for centuries, the leaves are harvested in the correct traditional spiritual way (when the leaves begin to turn brown on the plant it is a sign that the plant no longer needs the leaf so you can take it harmlessly when you pick the leaves green you hurt the plant, that is the non-indigenous disrespectful way of harvesting prayer tobacco leaves); this is truly sustainable harvesting. Each pouch weighs 4 grams.


4 pouch minimum purchase for US$10 – this includes airmail postage to you anywhere worldwide. 


As usual DO NOT PAY until you email us at to confirm the item/s is/are in stock, THEN if they are - WE will let you know that it is safe for you to go ahead and pay for it/them, and we will give you an estimate of the ADDITIONAL shipping cost (depending on where you are in the world) & time to delivery by air parcel post. 


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