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Traditional Lokono-Arawak women's feather headresses were like crowns (as you see above), the tall feather headresses so popular today - were in fact NOT traditioally worn by our women, the tall vertical feather headresses were traditionally only used by Lokono-Arawak men (and not every man either, ony the Chiefs or War Leaders), you can see this in every old photo of pre-photo illustration of encounters with Europeans and Lokono in the contact and colonial era. 

Most Lokono alive today are not fully aware of their own ancestral cultural traditions so they are 'making up' a lot of regalia combinations that are purely modern inventions since the year 1900. They are NOT authentic traditional regalia attire if you see Lokono-Arawak women wearing vertical feaher headresses (some other tribes did this yes - but NOT Lokono-Arawaks), but there are few alive today who know these kinds of factual historical information about our people, this is why this website is helping to educate our own people - as well as you the site visitor. 


As usual DO NOT PAY until you email us at to confirm the item/s is/are in stock, THEN if they are - WE will let you know that it is safe for you to go ahead and pay for it/them, and we will give you an estimate of the ADDITIONAL shipping cost (depending on where you are in the world) & time to delivery by air parcel post. 

Traditional Lokono-Arawakwomen's feather headtess & feather earring set

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