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What is the difference between a person who has FORESIGHT and a person who only has FORESKIN? (the circumcised are not exempt from my metaphorical description in this context).

Well let me give you some examples you may be familiar with:Politicians who assume office are famous for suddenly feeling powerful (they forget in 4/5 years they might be a nobody again), as though they do not 'need' anyone else's help anymore (not even those who helped them get to where they are now) because in their mind they 'have arrived' and they 'no longer need you'.....this is an example of a person with foreskin but no foresight.

A person with FORESIGHT on the other hand will never forget who helped him/her get to the place they are today, and neither will they forget that one day they WILL return to their former 'powerless' state and will have to face AGAIN the people they stabbed in the back after using them as 'footstools to get up on in life'.

I had a very famous personal experience with this with a former Minister in a government years ago that I exposed for being involved in selling alcohol to native minors, when he was in power he did his best to frustrate all my efforts and make my life as miserable as he could, he then threatened to stop me from entering his country, and even threatened to have me killed...and I calmly told him to his face "You will NOT always be a Minister with the support of the ruling National government, and even if the government stops me from legally entering this country - I will simply enter it illegally across one of the neighboring country land borders where I have supporters - until the opposition party wins again and then i'll simply return legally, furthermore - if you try to kill me and fail - remember that I ALSO can afford to pay someone to kill you you as well, I have too many local, regional, and international connections for any one politician or even government to stop me''.

This Minister was eventually fired mere weeks later (when I lodged a complaint at the UN over his death threat to me as a CARICOM Indigenous delegate , and it got back to the then President who was very embarrassed that a Minister in his government would make criminal threats to anyone - and removed him from the Government) so he returned to the life of powerless mediocrity that he had led all of his life before he was rewarded for being a political pimp by his party...I passed him at a rum shop drinking his life away subsequently and reminded him of our exchange by simply exclaiming to him "Oh how the mighty have fallen" with a laugh....for he who laughs last - laughs loudest my friends.

A more familiar example of a person with foreskin but no foresight you can all relate to, are the people who jealously or spitefully bad talk you behind your back when things are going well in their lives.....but come running back to you begging for your help when things go wrong in their lives.....if they had FORESIGHT - they would know to themselves that "I might need that person's help again one day in the future - so let me NOT burn a bridge I may have to cross again in the future by speaking ill of that person - when I know I am depending on them - and THEY are NOT depending on obviously I need them more than they need me".

All of us can relate to the last case ' no foresight type of person' scenario, I am certain.

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