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The traditional Lokono-Arawak way to separate a serious suitor for your daughter from a not serious one is simple, if you truly love my daughter you will be willing to suffer physical pain for her, and not some simple one-time pain - like having pepper juice poured into your eyes ….no, a more long term sacrifice was required traditionally.

For example, in my great grandfather's time, a young man would have to pledge his physical labor to his father-in-law for a period of YEARS, maybe as little as 1 or 4 years or as long as 9 years...THEN you were considered to be serious about the love you claimed to have for the daughter...I think this is a great way to expose liars, no pretender is going to work his ass off for 1 to 9 years to be allowed to marry a girl he only wants to use for sex...

And even though my father in law never demanded this of me...he never had to BECAUSE I VOLUNTARILY PLEDGED MYSELF TO MY MOTHER AND FATHER-IN-LAW FOR LIFE before I consummated our marriage on the night we wed...and I have kept my word to them for 29+ years (until both my wife's parents died lately), so they know they could always depend on my labor, loyalty, and support when they needed it.

Young people today fall for mere words too easily, every young lady thinks he 'really loves me because he tells me so all the time', they forget that talk is cheap, any fool can tell you sweet lies...but the one who truly loves you will willingly suffer to prove himself.

As a devotee to tradition, I intend to make any man who asks (and unless you want me as your enemy you WILL bloody-well ASK me) for my permission to marry my daughters SUFFER GREATLY... It is the ONLY way you can ever or will ever earn my love and respect as my son-in-law...and don't even think about having my daughter any other way, ELOPE? Fool - in my dictionary, that word only means "I will track you down and find you wherever you run in this world to hide from me"...or pay a 'professional' to find you if I can't do it myself.

So far my eldest daughter married at the age or 22 (shes 23 now in 2022), and her husband DID ask me for permission to marry my daughter, so he and I got off to a good start, I have to see what my youngest daughter's husband does when her time comes, as she's only 15 now. However, if he is intelligent he will do the same, it does not benefit anyone to have me as an enemy, as its only them who will suffer.

If you truly love my daughter you WILL prove it to ME on MY terms, for only this way will we all live as one big happy family. Your 'trial by fire' will become a badge of honor for you that will bring you great rewards of its own...IF you truly respect OUR traditions and customs, and if you do NOT - then Screw you - I don't want you in my family anyway.

Don't worry, it is not anything sinister, you just have to be able to match me in tests of physical endurance, I never won a Triathlon....never even entered one.....but I never met a triathlete who could walk with me barefooted in the rocky mountains of the Pakaraimas until the soles of their feet were covered in blood, or walk 30 miles on flat terrain by day every day - for days on end - with no head or torso covering from the blazing sunshine, and just one cup of water to drink and nothing to eat for the entire day, sleep on the bare ground outdoors with ants and swarms of mosquitos in the rain overnight, etc., etc.,....simple things like this...I only respect physical, mental, and emotional strength, I scorn all signs of weakness.

You will be half my age, so surely you can endure what an 'old 49-year-old man' can right? You better be able to, I will respect you if you can match me, but I will admire you if you can exceed my threshold for suffering - for THAT is the kind of physically and mentally tough young man that I want in my family...not some pretty-boy metrosexual sissy from the city who can't live without having a nervous breakdown if they can't access WIFI.

I look at it this way, in the worst-case scenario possible in a post-apocalyptic world - I need to know that my daughter's (and my potential grandchildren's) chances of survival are higher with a REAL man at her side, not a useless wimp who needs manicures.

If you cant keep up with a middle-aged old-timer like me - you earn only my scorn and utter contempt for being a pathetic excuse of a male specimen. Oh and PLEASE do NOT think that you will EVER be able to physically, mentally or emotionally abuse/torture MY daughter and get away with it, I love peace and harmony, but flip my switch and I have a FANATICAL determination for vengeance, I GUARANTEE you that I will ensure your life is ended swiftly, as you do know statistically most murders committed worldwide go unsolved right? I don't F around when it comes to my loved ones, remember that and you shall live long and prosper.

Her mother did not carry her for 9 months and risk death to bring her into this world, nor did we sleep with our baby between us in our bed, and cuddle her and sing to her for her first 4 years of life, and play with her and shower her with love, then raise her to adulthood - just for some JACKASS to treat her like his doormat.

I am VERY proud to tell everyone that I will LITERALLY kill anyone for my children. You see, I KNOW what my daughters are worth to ME.....all I need to find out - is what my daughters are worth to YOU!

All fathers need to know that our daughters are going to be treated like Queens...and in MY daughters' cases - their bloodline and unseen genetic gifts demand that only the best of the best be allowed to have them in their lives, and as long as I live - no inferior man is going to have that opportunity.

Don't fool yourselves that because we are Lokono-'Arawak' that we are pacifist push-overs (because we have the word 'Arawak' attached to our name), we conquered and held the largest swath of territory in North East South America for hundreds of years - 1,000 kilometers of traditional territory stretching from what is now Eastern Venezuela to French Guiana in the west, from long before the time of Columbus, the Spanish came in the 1500s and could not militarily conquer us in Guyana, the Dutch came in the 1600s and could not militarily conquer us in Guyana (in fact the Dutch paid our Lokono Hereditary Chiefs an annual tribute so we would not attack their towns and slaughter them), and whenever the Europeans faced revolts in our lands it was Lokono warriors they paid our Chiefs to provide to them - that crushed EVERY colonial rebellion in Guyana.

Then the British came in 1803, they knew nothing of Amazon jungle warfare either, but they used their cunning and conquered us unofficially (but de-facto) by stealth under the guise of 'peace and progress' - using Christian missionary priests, then before we realized it, we had their Bible and THEY had our lands.

Generally speaking, we can be your best friends or your worst enemies, how you treat us determines which side of our character you will experience, and that applies to your relations with ME most of all.

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